The Best Teeth Whitening Kit For Everyone

Teeth Whitening Kit created this claim we now have a  little note here that shows primary claim electronically sent to the.

insurance company and at this point and what we’re do is and post our insurance  couple more  Teeth Whitening Kit things here before .

  • I do want to point out on my  screen I have customized my view which you can do also by right-clicking on .
  • like to see and moving it to the right of the screen clicking okay and now we can see our claim number.
Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

Here for example in my  customer view I’ve added the check number for the patient and I’ve added.

The insurance one paid and insurance two paid boxes as insurance is  already  secondary insurance.

  • Which is the case here insurance one paid the box is open because they have not paid yet once they.
  • Do pay and we post the payment that box will automatically be checked off so I’m  going to go to.
  • My options menu and click new insurance payment then plug in a check number plug in the dollar amount.

That they paid us and then once I hit distribute or save that payments already recorded .

  • So if you get this far and hit  distribute and then you have cancel out and you’re not able to fully distribute.
  • That make sure you don’t repost it you can go to the payment screen find the payment in.
  • Here and under today’s date and then edit that payment and continue distributing .
  • Repost it or you will have multiple checks in there with the same check number and basically creating unapplied.
  • Entry screen and I am able to see that this is for our test patient with their  Delta Dental of Arizona plan.

Then it’s a total check of three hundred dollars currently we’ve not posted any of.

  • That if it turns out that they paid you exactly what the insurance was estimated to pay you per item.
  • You can use your easy button and click distribute to estimate in that case it  takes and automatically.
  • Applies it where it was expecting dollars so this if you have multiple transactions is going to break it .
  • Down per transaction exactly what the computer had calculated that the insurance company should pay you.