How I Improved My Dental Eye Insurance In One Easy Lesson

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama the largest insurer in the area would say well we’re gonna pay okay so we’re in network with Blue Cross then that means and I think that’s my next slide let me jump on over no maybe not there Dental Eye Insurance it is so you  know if the regular price for something is $ and the insurance says well the most we’ll pay is then that leaves a balance of $ okay so if your dentist is in network or in a contract with your  insurance company the dentist writes off that $ it goes away okay if your dentist is out of network not in a contract with your insurance company I’m Bruce Stevenson I’m the guy on the right and the person on the left is Linda peachy Nee and together we are today’s dental consulting.

We are a demon saw confirm that only works with offices using open demo so what I’m going to show you in this little video is going to use open dental as an example but other software will have similar problems the problem is it’s very easy to make mistakes and it’s very  common for staff to make mistakes when trying to estimate how much the insurance is going to cover and we find the couple errors that I’m going to show you right now at being very very common  out there staff simply does not understand why these occur and how to correct them and you know.

What doctor that’s your fault your staff needs to get training on how to deal with dental insurance in this day and age it is so different than it was ten years ago and a lot of staff unfortunately doesn’t know how to deal with these things there is not very much training available and the case will open dental there’s lots and lots of good videos both from open  dental and from us including this one if I might say so so what are the common errors and what do they cause they cause angry patients.